Sold toon

(Furious Flossics) #1


(Skymain Y) #2

3.5b to get you started

(Bronn Young) #3

3.8 bil

(Doctor Niubility) #4

4b offer

(Pedantic) #5

5.4b b/o

(Skymain Y) #6

5.5 b/o

(Haunting Deity) #7

I’m happy with 5.5b for this toon, will leave it 24 hours and if no one else is interested for a higher price - sold to you

(Skymain Y) #8

thats fine with me :smiley: but i’ll be on a flight in 16 hr flight in couple hours so i’ll only be able to get back to you after I land

(Pedantic) #9

tried to convo u back Haunting but no reply… im off to bed but if u need to sell… skymain might still be interested… cheers

(Haunting Deity) #10

im sitting here waiting for you lol

(Skymain Y) #11

24 hour is up :slight_smile: i’ll transfer you the isk and send you the name of the account to transfer to now

(Skymain Y) #12

isk and mail sent to furious flossics

(Haunting Deity) #13

Glad to hear it - transfer process has begun.

(system) #14

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