Sold,Transfer in Process

(theo valk) #1

Character Located in Hogimo

2013 Character.
Postive wallet
No kill rights
Has 3 remaps
Will pay the transfer fee.


[WTB] Exhumer pilot
(theo valk) #3

Will decide in 12hrs if I take up the offer.


(Janus Leto) #6

I can offer you 8

(theo valk) #7

Looking for slightly more. Thanks

(theo valk) #8


(Impi Cass) #9

8.5 bil

(Dave Argon) #10

Just wondering, how much is a transfer fee ? is it to CCP ?

(theo valk) #11

I pay the transfer fee, its around £17

Buy out is 9.5b

(Dave Argon) #12

well thats pretty expensive. How do you pay that? can you link me ? sorry for disturbing you tho

(Intriguing Stranger) #13

You can also pay by putting 1000 Plex in your vault and petitioning for a character transfer.

(theo valk) #14

updated buy out

(Breatas Avarike) #15

i would pay 9.5B buy out

(Breatas Avarike) #16

as discussed ingame, details and isk sent

(theo valk) #17

Character sold. Transfer starting

(system) #18

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