SOLD! Transfer in Progress

Confirming that i am For Sale.

I have a positive Wallet and no active Killrights
PW 1234

As you can See i have some Implant Sets locatet in Npc Stations in Highsec, like myself is also.

Buyout 60B.

I pay transfer with cash.
ISK goes to this toon.
All CCP rules apply.
I keep the right to cancel this auction anytime without reason.
Positive wallet.
Located in Jita 4/4

will not be sold under 50B

Offer 51b.

52B offer

Good Start, go ahead :wink:

I Will Accept 52B Offer from @Mirror_Lied
If you agree please send isk an Accountinformation to me.

isk and account name sent,waiting for transfer @Mephitis

Confirming that i have recieved the 52B Isk.
Transfer ist startet and payed by me.

Transfer should be completed now.

character received,deal end。

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