SOLD transfert started ---WTS 14.9m sp! perfect miner/ice miner ++

selling myself!!!

EveSkillboard - Krahte

  • perfect mining / iceming skills with mining / ice mining drones!
  • very nice overall skills
  • basic reprocess skills

START PRICE: 10 bil isk
BUY IT NOW: 10 bil isk

in hight sec, positiv wallet, positiv SS, no kill right
i follow all CCP rules and i pay for xfer fee!

I could do a 9 Bil Buyout? Message me via evemail so I get the app ping and I will send over the iskies

EveMail send,
thx for your offer! i really want 10 bil for this toon sorry i will wait few days.

Account and Isk sent to Krahte for 9.5 Bil

9.5 bil isk accepted thx! transfert already started!

enjoy !!

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