SOLD - transfer started - WTS 28.2m sp best alt! max probing, orca, noctis, freighter

Selling me: EveSkillboard - Enc Uler

  • ALL probing skills 5 with covert ops 5 !!! perfect prober!!
  • near perfect ORCA pilot !!! fleet boost!
  • mining/ice mining drone !! akso mining skills
  • perfect NOCTIS and salvaging pilot !!!
  • Obelisk Freighter pilot !!!
  • awesome overall skills

Toon is in High sec, good security status, good wallet balance, no kill right
I follow all CCP rules and pay the fee

start bid: 17 bil isk
buy out: 20 bil isk

thx and good luck!!

to the top


i will start with 10B.

thx for your interest but no ty! :slight_smile:

Enc Uler 14B

I’ll bid 15B

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thx Silent Bob for the bid!

i close this auction in 24hr from now! highest bid won!
best bid atm Silent Bob with 15 bil isk

auction over now!

congrats to Silent Bob for 15 bil isk!

send isk and account info plz ill start transfer after!

did this go through??? or is the char still for sale

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no news from the Silent Bob in the last 2days… yes it still fo sell!

Well I can do 15B, same as previous person, not sure how long you want/need to give them

its your for 15 bil isk! send isk and account name (with empty char place) and ill start transfer asap!

Account info and isk sent ingame

isk eceived and transfer started!
thx and enjoy the toon! :wink:

Thx now just to kill 10 hours or so :slight_smile:

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