WTS 25,9mil sp ice mining/basilisk logy

Wts myself!

EveSkillboard - More Nutrition

  • perfect mining / ice mining skills
  • almost perfect basilisk logistic pilot
  • near perfect shields skills
  • almost amarr logistic ready
  • very nice drones skills start

START PRICE: 15bil isk
BUY IT PRICE: 20bil isk

positiv wallet, positive security status, no kill right
i foffow all CCP rules and i pay for transfer fee

16bill offer :slight_smile:

still want it?

15 bil, isk ready

still want it?

16b offer,isk is redy

accepted! send isk and account info ingame and ill start transfert!

16b to RiffRaffff

isk and account info sent

isk received thx! transfert started! enjoy toon

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