*** SOLD ***[WTA] 2003-born 84.2M All-round Carrier/PvP/PvE pilot *Lowered start bid / reserve off*

(bilby) #1

This excellent all-round character with very good Carrier skills is now yours to grab!

Password = 1234

  • 2003 character
  • Short employment history
  • 84.2M SP
  • 785k un-allocated SP
  • Positive wallet - NPC corp - Docked in high-sec starter system - positive sec status (0.8)
  • Caldari Carrier pilot
  • Excellent all-rounder, fly’s all races.

Starting bid 58b.
Buyout: offer

Auction ends Sunday july 30th @ 20:00 EVE Time

This character will receive the ISK and I will be paying the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

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(bilby) #2

Your unique chance for a 2003 chars with very good skills, is still here. Make your bids please :slight_smile:

(bilby) #3

Lowered start bid to 58b (down from 65b)

Removed reserve, char must sell!

Open for offers.

(Puller wuller) #4

If it dont sell give me a some weeks and i can buy it off you

(Maizie Fields) #5


(Dancul1001) #6

75b b/o

(bilby) #7


(bilby) #8

ISK recieved. Transfer completed.