(SOLD) WTA: 36m SP miner/L4 Rokh/Raven mission runner (SOLD)


Currently located on Riavayed IX - Moon 12 - Hedion University

Wallet: 0 isk
No Killrights
No jumpclones
Medical clone in lowsec, but you can move it.

Buyout at 35B

Will pay for transfer

Free bump for you. Good luck!

Can somebody orient me at least how much more or less the character is worth ?))) Seems like nobody needs mining/mission runners… because there isn’t even a strater price.

27 bil

Nice, thank you. If that’s the offer I’ll wait a little longer to see if anyone can come up higher until Wednesday.

28 Bil

Latest bet 28 bil, if no other bets come up will arrange a sale tomorrow

Selling for 28 bil to Maizie Fields, awaiting ISK and account name.

Running low on ISK but I have just enough to close this deal. Sending ISK and account info now.

Isk recieved, character transfer initiated to the account mentioned in the ingame mail.
p.s the receit screen is for the time tracking (10 hours), my time zone is gmt+4

Transfer confirmed, thanks Denros!

Same here, thank you, fly safe

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