***SOLD***[WTA] 40.2M Force Auxillary specialized character *Lowered start bid / reserve off*

This excellent support character is now up for sale.

Password = 1234

  • 40.2M SP
  • 1 x Remap available
  • 18k un-allocated SP
  • Positive wallet - NPC corp - Docked in high-sec starter system - positive sec status (0.0)
  • Highly specialized for Force Auxillary ships (Minokawa)
  • Excellent Engineering/Navigation/Shield skills

Starting bid 28b. (Lowered from 33b)
Reserve hidden.
Buyout make an offer I can’t refuse

Auction ends Sunday july 30th @ 20:00 EVE Time

This character will receive the ISK and I will be paying the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

Don’t be shy, still for sale. I can be used for other stuff that the Minokawa :slight_smile:

29 bil

30 bil

Thanks for your bids.

Still for sale :slight_smile: Get them bids in before sunday. Alternatively, make me a good B/O offer.

Saturday bump. Char must sell, get your bids in. Ending tomorrow @ 20:00 ET.

30.5 bil


Make it 35b B/O and you got a deal.

no thank you… you’re pushing your luck

Make me an offer then. 31b is on the low side, which I’m sure you know.

31bil is the max i will offer…

32b and we have a deal. I belive this is a fair Price for us both!

i’ll pass… good luck

No problem. Thank you.

Ready to transfer to the first one offering 32b.

Back up top, still for sale :slight_smile:

Buy me! Still for sale, ready to transfer. Make me an offer if you think the price is too high!

No longer for sale.