[SOLD] WTS 10.3 mil SP Salvage/Miner Pilot (Omega)

I am selling myself, my birthdate is 26 December 2012.

I have the following…

  • Positive ISK Balance
  • Positive Sec Status
  • Current Omega Clone (expires 2018.06.16)
  • Currently docked 2 Jumps from Jita
  • 2 remaps
  • Set of implants

Take at look at what I can do
Password: 911

If you think I am a perfect fit for your play style then make me an offer I can’t refuse :slight_smile:

Contact 2020Hawk in game with any questions.

I am currently in a Corp and am awaiting my release, I will be available for transfer 24 hours from now.

Thank you.
Jayk V


Thanks for your offer but it is too low.

Looking for offers around 10b

Still looking for offers …

6.6b final


I will accept 7B from Captainamazing

Contact made in ingame chat… waiting for ISK transfer

isk and acc send

Isk received, thank you !

I will begin the character transfer process now… Standby for CCP emails.

Character Transfer initiated !

Enjoy your new Character !


ok thanks

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