(SOLD) WTS 10.4m SP Miner

Was a great miner and has has various skills injected

No implants
Positive wallet
In NPC corp
In JIta
No jump clones
No kill rights on pilot


evemail Akinlos in game for more info

bump . Im still looking for a buyer …

i can offer you 6b for it since the skills are abit spread

6b wasnt exactly what I had in mind, I will however take a 7.5b buy out?

sorry the highest im willing to go is 6.5b

this miner still on market 7.5b buy out

bump … i am still for sale

Senta Alleile Is your offer of 6.5b still standing?

yup isk ready aswell :slight_smile:

ok great, send isk and acc info ingame

thank you

isk and account details sent

isk and acc details received

GM contacted for transfer

thank you