SOLD -- WTS 104M SP No History Minmatar Character is for SALE! Awesome 2010 Character to build on with no history at all. Can do almost anything in game including capital skills. Improved implant set and 2 remaps available as well as 145,505 unallocated skill points. Located in high sec. All CCP rules apply. Bid start at 75B with 100B buyout. I will try to check back often!

This character is now SOLD. Thank you to all who participated.

SOLD to Mira Xadi
Character Transfer Initiated

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82.5 billion

Thank you very much for your bid! That is awesome!

On line now with cash in hand if you’d like to get this done… :wink:

LoL I am interested. I would like to let it ride out at least the weekend If you can wait though. Only been up for short period of time

No problem, I’m always buying!

83b, i am interested. PM me before close of auction

Thank you for your bid as well!

84 billion!

Awesome stuff! Thank you again

85b isk

Very much Appreciated!

Will think about it :wink:

Deal accepted. Isk and account info sent. Thank you

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