*SOLD*WTS 112m 75m sp cap/subcap pilots including cap/links pilot

Very well rounded combat pilot that i used to fly in pochven, includes very good amarr dreadnought skills (pisyha) complete poch doctrine skills ( paladin and trigs ships)

The second character (john thickmusk) is a mainline lvl 5 nyx pilot(including amarr dread) and good pochven doctrine skills( paladin, shak, dreka and dammnation)

Both are npc corp but the links have yet to update including sp

Both come with appropriate pods for the caps in question (armor)

Both characters are isk positive and parked in jita, pisyha pods for paladin/nestor midgrade are in null(pochven) rest are in perimiter for jt, these are the cap ones (ascendancy/omega etc)

Balance of wallets are less than 10m collectively

No kill rights

Both in jita 4.4

Edit: adding buyout of 150b for both.

Links have yet to update with npc corp and sp

John Thickmusk has to confirm that he ist for Sale with his own Forumsaccount in this Thread.

Roger, i own both il just edit him out

Confirming Jt

Confirming again just in case

I’ll bid 40b for JT

mail sent

42b for jt

43 bill for JT

70b for pisyha

@Pisyha 81.5b :dollar: for pisyha

1~Edit: Offer Raised :arrow_right:

all bids noted so far.

45B for JT

46 bill for JT

130bil for both, Valid for 2 hours.

50b for JT

51 bill for JT

52bil for JT , valid until tomorrow