[SOLD] WTS 112M SP near maxed industrial/science pilot



  • Currently training for rorqual
  • 1.3m allocated skill points
  • Perfect refining for all ores before lifeblood
  • Perfect production, scanning, planetary management, and near maxed Science. all 5 but missing triglavian skills.
  • Remap available
  • Implants: +5’s in slots 2,4, and 5. Zainou ‘beancounter’ reprocessing RX-804 in slot 8
  • Standings for level 4 research agents

All CCP rules apply
-should be noted, character is located in jita and has one clone in lowsec.

Starting bid 100b

contacted in-game

Offer accepted in-game. Awaiting isk transfer and account details.

Isk Transferred and Character Transfer initiated

CCP mail received. Thanks!

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