WTS 104M sp Science/indy/trader


103,951,629 sp char. 103M~ trained, 883k unallocated.

Currently 30int / 24 mem remap. Neural Remap Available: Now
4 jump clones, all in High sec. 1 jump clone has full set of +5’s, along with 5 percent research, and 2/3 percent reprocessing and mining.

Heavily invested science / production / trade char for invention / manufacturing needs and trading. Can afk belt mine while you trade on markets. Perfect side monitor char to make money while you play on combat char.

Has standing enough with Core Complexion and Boundless Creation to do research with due to trained social skills and research skills. Conversations have already been established with 4 lvl 4’ research agents but Research Project Management is at 5 (so one more agent can be added of your choice). Just reengage when char is yours for passive isk generation through research agents. Also has “some” PI skills.

Can fly Gallente JF’s, Freighters, haulers, transport ships, and Caldari pve battleships but needs a little more work for pve combat. Can sit in a Rorqual but only has capital indy ships trained to 1.

Literally a passive carebear that can go a number of different directions for more isk generation for your pew pew char.

Was my very first char in Eve, hate to see it go but here it is.

Positive Wallet,
Positive Security Status,
No Kill Rights,
No Bounty
In NPC corp Center for Advanced Studies
CCP rules apply,
I will pay transfer fee

Starting bid: 70b
Buyout: 85b

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Daily bump

Also has every destroyer and battlecruiser to V except Minmatar battlecruiser because apparently you had to have cruiser to a certain level (cruiser is only at III) to get the battlecruiser freebie train prior to the skill changes when you used to just have a basic battlecruiser skill. Epic fail.

Basically daily bumpage for the almost 103.9M gentleman with the amazing goatee.

Offer 50b

52b offer if u sale this

60.5 billion offer

60B offer

61 Bill offer

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