[SOLD]WTS 114M Skillpoints Capital pilot

Location: Jita 4-4
Wallet: Positive
No kill right

Many basic skills reached five
Perfect Engineering Armor and Shield skills, JFC JDC reached Five.
more than 10million sp on Navigation more than 23mil sp on Gunnery and more than 17mil sp on Missiles
Caldari/Minmatar/Amarr Dreadnought reached five

With over 7mil unallocated sp
I will pay for the 20 USD transfer fee.
Startbid from 70b
Buyout 95b
Thanks for your time!

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Have a nice day, my beloved pilots! Waiting for a proper offer~

57 b offer

Thanks for your offer! Waiting for more~

Can I drive AEON

No, but you can drive Nation, Nyx, Hel and Vendetta

Have a nice day! Still waiting for a proper offer~

56b offer

Have a nice day! Thank you so much for your offer! Still waiting for more~

Have a nice day! And still waiting for a higher offer~

57b offer

sadly has too much stuff thats not needed, will have to extract quite a lot so 60b is the best offer i can provide.

Thank your for all your offers! Expecting more and Have a nice day~

Have a nice day and waiting for a higher offer!

61 b offer

70 B offer

Offer accepted. Please send me a confirm mail in game and tell me which account I should transfer to.

I have sent an email to you. After you confirm, the forum tells me that I will pay you directly for Lily Collins Hymen role.

In-game mail received, I confirmed your offer in game. Please send isk to this Lily Collins Hymen, and I will start the character transfer as soon as I can.

2022.06.15 11:50 Player Donation -70,000,000,000 ISK 31,039,198,719 ISK [r] Ma Jiajue deposited cash into Lily Collins Hymen’s account

Please transfer the role to the account number of xmy890505.