[SOLD] WTS 135 mil sp character supercap V Dread V pilot and many other 2007 character 202 skins

Location: Jita 4-4
Remaps - 1
LP - Screenshot - 7c59e91afa54bc244cd8c6ce08bdb9f9 - Gyazo
Implants - Screenshot - 9aaf14240a48351bbd6ef5d4a84787e0 - Gyazo
Wallet: Positive - Screenshot - 2cbe84c2fa8cb99546493ac05a3f8515 - Gyazo
Skins: Screenshot - a3dcb27f92d3851ea1802c2175a7cf1d - Gyazo
No kill right - Screenshot - ed28b81005afa3d2dce88ec630f0f383 - Gyazo
Corp: NPC
Start bid 80bn
bidding period end on 20/02/2022

Many basic skills reached five

Thanks for your time!

in game contact is Bioshibby Thedestroyer

How much would you like for this character?

Bid start 80 bn

75 b offer

90BN quick sale or bids start 80bn

80b offer

80bn bid noted

can you contact bioshibby thedestroyer in game please :slight_smile:

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

80.2b offer

off noted can you please message bioshibby thedestroyer in game to confirm your bid :slight_smile:

yes i will send isk after 11hours

bid confirmed and character still on offer until isk recieved

isk send pls check.and transfer start.ty


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