SOLD WTS 13M SP Scanning Toon

(Baracuda Gray) #1

I am for sale

Baracuda Gray
What you see is what you get.

Starting bid 10B
Buy out 15B

Pos Wallet
Pos security sec
Docked in High sec
No Jump clone
No assets
No Kill rights

I get Isk
I pay transfer fee.

(Brock Khans) #2


(Aki Onnlin) #3


(TheBank Manager) #4

9,5b isk

(Aki Onnlin) #5

10B ISK.

(TheBank Manager) #6

11b isk

(Baracuda Gray) #7

TheBank Manager 11B offer
Please send ISK and Account name In-game
Thank you

(Baracuda Gray) #8

As it has been over a day since I heard from TheBank Manager Acceptance of his offer is withdraw.
And I am back on the market.

(Aki Onnlin) #9

I’ll still do 10B if you can’t get more.

(Baracuda Gray) #10

Accepted Aki Onnlin bid of 10B
Please send isk and account name
Thank you

(Aki Onnlin) #11

ISK and info sent.


(Baracuda Gray) #12

ISK received Transfer started :slight_smile:

(Aki Onnlin) #13

Character received as described.

Transaction complete.

(system) #14

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