Title says it all

This toon is for sale
Pw: 12345

Starting bid will be @ 20B
B/O @ 23B OBO

The toon has:
A positive wallet
Positive sec status
And no kill rights

You can convo/mail me ingame on this toon, or the toon being sold as well as on here.

I’m in no hurry to sell, unless I get the right bid.

Confirming that I’m for sale.

Back to the top!

Back to the top!

I’ll start, 14b


17 bil

17.5b ,

18 bil

Haven’t found the bid I’m looking for yet, back to the top!

19 bil

19,5 bil

20 bill

21 bil

21.5 bil

22 bil

Getting closer to an acceptable bid! B/O lowered to 24B

1kk sp ≈ 1kkk isk

22.5 bil

Getting closer!