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More information on request,

Start bid; 80B

B/O; 95B

90 bil

Bid accepted for 90B, auction ending tomorrow at 16:00 Eve time


Highest bid for the moment is 90B, auction finish next 5 hours!

91B If I win, please notify me


92 bil


94 bil


96 bil


Sold for 106B to OICQ TENGXUN. You can send ISK and account information.

I suddenly discovered that my previous offer seemed to have reached the buyout price

if that dude OICQ TENGXUN retracts his offer, mine is still good. i have the 96 billions isk ready to be sent now.

I want to know if the buyout price is valid. If it doesn’t, whether to re-count or not, I am very interested in this character

@OICQ_TENGXUN, you can pay 106B or retract. If you retract, this toon goes to @TxivYawg1 for 96B.

let me know what do you want to do!

Is this character on sale and what is the valid quote

the auction has already ended.