SOLD WTS 18 Mil SP Science Pilot

Date of Birth 2013-12-03
Skill Points 18,112,758
Unallocated SP 0
Yearly Remap 1
Security Status 0.17
The pilot is located in Hi-Sec Sonama IV - Moon 1 - Amarr Constructions Production Plant
This pilot has a 0 ISK wallet.
Pilot has +2 implants.
Pilot has 0 Jump Clones.
Pilot has no Kill Rights.
Corp mail sent and has been dropped to NPC corp.
Bidding starts at 12 Billion.

The character must confirm that it’s for sale by replying in this thread.

I am for sale.

13b offered

13.5 bil

14b offered

Accepted, please transfer the ISK to Rockendock and I’ll start the transfer as soon as possible. I’m in the EST time zone and in game for the next 6-7 hrs.

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isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail to Rockendock. Thanks!

Transfer made, should be complete by 14:06 EVE time. Thanks!

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