SOLD WTS 2 toons Barge V and Min/ Gal puller +7 faction

(Inactive Seller) #1

Hi guys. Because the changes of plex prices, i not see sense in use these two pilots anymore, but are for sell.

Phoebe Caderu SOLD


She is a puller capable to bring level 5 missions to gallente and minmatar, note 4m points only but capable PI either

Dark Blue Beck 6m points (5.75 and 250k unallocated)

Is a mining Barge V pilot focused in high sec, you can extract 2 extractors of cloaking V

I enter in both pilots in some minutes to confirm property. Both are in high sec (she rens him sehmy/amarr), no kill rights, have positive wallet and all CCP rules apply, i pay the transfer, etc.

Please answer the thread, i am not reading the mail of the toons or the seller.

Price : Offer

(Phoebe Caderu) #2

I am for sale.

(DarkBlue Beck) #3

I am for sale.

(Jerrith Jaleal) #4


(Inactive Seller) #5


(Inactive Seller) #6

DAILY BUMP, final bump will be the monday.

(Cliper Endashi) #7

3.8b for the darkblue

(Cliper Endashi) #9

retracted sorry found a better char

(lardface) #10

3.8b for Phoebe Caderu

(Inactive Seller) #11

i need at least 4b , if u can send me the isk and acc name and i transfer three hours passing downtine, need to fund cc before.

(lardface) #13

Done, and done.

(Inactive Seller) #14

recived, i go to convenience store to und my credit card and send the char in less than an hour.

(Inactive Seller) #15

Transfer was done one moment ago, thanks for the business, you must receive the mail shortly.

(Slavealt) #16

4B Buyout for Darkblue

(Inactive Seller) #17

Accepted, send the isk and acc name and i transfer in a half hour, i need go to dund my credit card again.

(Slavealt) #18

ISK and account name sent

(Inactive Seller) #19

Transfer was done onem moment ag9o, you must receive the mail soon.

Thanks for the biusiness

Thread closed

(Slavealt) #20

Transfer mail received, thank you good sir.