SOLD - WTS 2008 Pilot 115m SP

Hi, my name is Xing Dai and looking for new adventures. I love big guns and firing them at unsuspecting Caldari whilst they walk on the beach! Yes, I am Dreadnaught, Carrier and Super Carrier capable and not afraid to use them. I am famous for surviving a combat operation with only 2% Hull left on my Naglfar, which shows the true power of good duct tape.

Currently I am in a bar in Sirseshin VI, as they have great steaks here! My wallet is positive, but these steaks are expensive. Currently no one wishes to turn me into a frozen corpse in space, thus no kill rights. In case I need a quick escape, I have a clone in Ebo VII.

If you are at all interested in giving me a new home then let’s start the bidding at 90 B, or make me a suitable offer.

60 bill

Thanks. seems a little low for equivalent skills characters.

Skill extraction would yield 80b upwards, dont accept anythng below that :wink:
nice character.

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Well but u dont Extract any of your characters why the advice (some ppl need quick ISK)

I want to buy this character with 80B

85B offer

86 bil here

87 bil b/o

Thanks all. I will leave the bidding open for a couple more days.

90B b/o now.

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Sold, pending isk and transfer

90.5 bil now

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Nice. thank you. feel free to xfer

you asked 2 guys to transer isk …pls mention clearly who you want to transfer

Vento Paaltomo - you are the winner now. Sorry for the confusion

Isk and acc info sent

Thank you. Transfer has been initiated. Good luck.