[SOLD] WTS 20M SP Pilot

Location: Dodixie
Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Sec Status: -.1
Starting bid: ???

9bn offer

If I get no other offers by the time I get off of work, I will accept the 9b.

offer retracted, apologies

10b offer

I’m not really sure what this character is worth but if 10b is the last offer I get by the time my work day ends (7 hours from now) I will accept it.

11b buy out offer, ISK ready now

12b offer


I will accept the offer of 13B.

ok info to send to?

will send when I get off work

Okay, not a problem.

Funds sent to: Neros Kosk, for 13b for toon:

Thandus Mori
Corporation Sebiestor Tribe
Date of Birth 2011-12-08
Skill Points 20,930,232
Unallocated SP 0
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status -0.09
Extractable Injectors 31

Please transfer toon to:
Zion LaMatrix


ISK Received transfer initiated.

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