[SOLD] WTS 21m SP carrier pilot

(Moon Boots) #1


t2 fighters
rorq skills like more than halfway there
other things

selling for 21b


(Moon Boots) #3

ok accepted sent isk and info and ill do the rest sir

(Jitomer) #4

21,5 bil

(Moon Boots) #5

well, since the transaction hasn’t gone down yet, i’ll void the acceptance above and acknowledge your offer, i’m looking to sell this guy pretty quickly so just let me know when youre online

(Jitomer) #6

Online now, isk sent on Moon Boots

(Moon Boots) #7

cool mail him the account name and ill do the thing

also for the record i officially accept your offer

(Moon Boots) #8

character transfered


(Jitomer) #9

Rcvd, thanks a lot.

(system) #10

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