**SOLD** WTS 22M Hulk / PI / Research character

WTS Myself - Missy Innuendo

EveSkillBoard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Missy_Innuendo

Skill Points 22M

Remap available June 15/20. Currently spec’d for Int / Memory (2520sp/hr). Mem/Int skills are at 2340sp/hr.

Located in Jita 4-4 with +3 training implants

No Kill rights, Positive Wallet.

Skill Highlights:
Hulk, PI and Gallente Haulers
Can Use T2 strip miners with HighSec T2 Crystals
A number of key Resource skills at lvl 5
Great PI Skills including Customs Code Expertise lvl 4
Magic 14 at lvl 5
Can do Electronic, Graviton, Caldari Starship Research at 52.92 RP/day

You transfer ISK, I’ll pay fee via char transfer service on CCP website.

B/O at 18 Bil or best offer. Would like to complete this before March 31th.

[Edit: Updated to reflect the B/O I stated below! ]

8B Start it … ? or Sell?

Thanks for the start but I think I can get more.

I’ll offer 10b.

11 bil


12.5 bil

don’t accept anything less than your estimated extraction price. stay firm on the 20bil b/o but i wouldn’t accept anything below 15 bil IMO

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@Jerry_Falcone how about you put in a bid then… instead of blapping out what’s the right price

Agree! Due keep your opinion to yourself.

Ill offer 13.0

13.5 bil

Take it… ill train my own … tyvm

Hi all, thanks for the traffic and offers so far.

Right now if you do the math based on 34 extractors, the base cost comes out at almost 16Bil. That’s why I set the B/O at 20Bil. I realize most will be looking for a bargain, I would be as well if buying.

What would your offer be if I set the floor at 16Bil and left the B/O at 20Bil?

o7 - Missy

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you cannot get 16bil for 34 large injectors (after minus extractor cost and broker fees). do the math, broker fees aren’t cheap these days.

You are right… my math actually says 17.35M

And just like you want to get a bargain, I want to make a bit of ISK for my time, etc.

Lets try this. First person to offer 18B gets me and all the Innuendo that comes along with that.

@Missy_Innuendo your math assumes a price of 866mil per Large Injector. How about you check the price in Jita. Below is a screenshow showing the going price for the last 7 days, look at the average. Now, get back in your closet where you belong (and consider my offer retracted). Good luck waiting…

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Interested @Kamana_Reeza ? :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Assuming she’s still available, I’m very interested in buying Missy.

I’ve sent you an in-game mail.


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Replying in game. :slight_smile: @Eva_Kunnisah

Sent you a reply :smiley: