[SOLD] WTS 26M SP Loki / Cover Ops / Stealth Bomber / Freighter / Bloackade Runner

Character Sheet

SP: 26,944,422
Location: Hek
Sec Status: -1.9
Wallet: 35M
+3 Implants
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clone: 1 in KFR-ZE

  • Loki Pilot + t2 guns
  • Covert Ops/ Stealth Bomber
  • Transport Ships(Blockade Runner)
  • Freighter
  • Medium and Light Turrets V
  • Minmatar Industrial V
  • Minmitar Frigate V
  • Minmitar Cruiser V

Bidding starts at 16b
B/O: 22b

what’s ur expect price ?

start the bidding with 16b :slight_smile:

Apologies, missed that in post. Bidding starts with Par0dy at 16b. B/O is 22b

17 bil

Will take this at 5pm AEST time (in 25 hoursish) if no other bids are offered. Cheers

18b :slight_smile:

19 bil

Current bid is with you. Will end the auction 24 hours from the time of this post, regardless of new bids or not. Cheers

20b :slight_smile:

Sold! Please send the ISK to Dengorn with your account details. Thank you!

isk and account details sent :slight_smile: ty

Confirm ISK received. Transfer initiated.

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