[SOLD] WTS 27,6m sp + Unallocated SP Minmatar/trig ships

Comes with Mid-Grade Asklepians and Crystals + Hardwirings.
Has access to Federation customs agent (lvl 5 agents)
600k Unallocated SP
Got precursor frig and cruiser to 5, so I can fly the Ikitursa and Nergal straight away + small and medium precursor weapons level 5, so all you need to do to use t2 ammo is plug in the skills.
Also ready for a Zarm, so everything is lined up for pvp.

5.0 sec rating.
Starting bid 21b
BO: Willing to listen to good offers


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and up

Startingbid/reserve lowered

22b offer

23b offered.

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will end the auction at 18:00 eve time.

Final bump, one hour to go


I’ll throw you 23b if they don’t respond.

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23,5 if it not sold

Not sold no, so if you want him, he’s yours

to whom send isk and account name?

Just send it to this char, and ill do it from there :slight_smile:

isk and account name were send

Character is on its way =)
Thanks for a smooth deal

I do hope it will be fast =)

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