[SOLD] WTS 26.6m Fleet Support Tengu/Loki Pilot

This character is for sale


CCP rules
Located in Jita 4-4 CNAP
Positive wallet
Positive security
No kill rights
No jump clones installed
2 Remaps
562,000 unallocated SP

+4 Implants and Skirmish Mindlink installed

All Command except Mining & Spatial V
Caldari and Minmatar Subsystems V

Very much a specialized character originally built for off-grid links, clearly no longer required as I have discovered since returning to the game after 2 years absence. No need for another sub-cap pilot, however there is no rush on my end to sell.

Buyouts entertained on offer, starting bid 21b

19 bil

I can do 19 bil. If there’s no other takers this evening, I’ll probably take you up on the offer.

Ill do 20

20.5 bil

21.5 B/O :wink:

Last chance for final offers. I’m solid with 21.5 bil and am able to do the transfer when I get home from work in about 3-4 hours.

Ill Be home in 7 hours to transfer ISK. Do you accept my offer?

If nobody has offered better by the time you are ready to make the transfer, then I am happy with the 21.5 bil you have offered and will happily make the trade this evening.

Isk sent and Account information relayed.

Payment received, transfer initiated, good hunting.

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