( SOLD ) WTS 28 mill Exhumer Pilot

(Leon Aivoras) #1


Starting Bid 20 Bill
Buyout 26 Bill

(PC LL) #2

20 bil

(Bronn Young) #3

20.5 bil

(Happy LA) #4


(cc hikari) #5

21.5 BIL

(mi ken) #6

HI :slight_smile: CCP

I want to be a shareholder
Tell me the stock code

(Leon Aivoras) #7

MI Ken ???

(Niamh Kvarok) #8

22 Bil

(Leon Aivoras) #9

thanks for the bids Niamh_Kvarok , cc hikari , Bronn Young , PC LL

after 2 more down times its sold to the highest bidder


(Leon Aivoras) #10

still up for auction untill down time today

(Leon Aivoras) #11


(Leon Aivoras) #12

Congrats Niamh Kvarok
please tranfer the ISK as soon as possible to this account please and i will transfer the toon right away

(Niamh Kvarok) #13

ISK Sent, including Account Name.

Much appreciated.

(Leon Aivoras) #14

ISK received account transferred

(Leon Aivoras) #15

Leon Aivoras HAS BEEN SOLD

(Niamh Kvarok) #16

Character received, jobs a good un.

(system) #17

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