( SOLD ) WTS 28 mill Exhumer Pilot


Starting Bid 20 Bill
Buyout 26 Bill

20 bil

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20.5 bil

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21.5 BIL

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HI :slight_smile: CCP

I want to be a shareholder
Tell me the stock code

MI Ken ???

22 Bil

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thanks for the bids Niamh_Kvarok , cc hikari , Bronn Young , PC LL

after 2 more down times its sold to the highest bidder


still up for auction untill down time today


Congrats Niamh Kvarok
please tranfer the ISK as soon as possible to this account please and i will transfer the toon right away

ISK Sent, including Account Name.

Much appreciated.

ISK received account transferred

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Leon Aivoras HAS BEEN SOLD

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Character received, jobs a good un.

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