WTS Exhumer/Carrier pilot


Can sit in nyx with some tank skills
and use t1 Drones.

+Lot’s of extra books injected in so toon could be made in to any type of pilot

  • Exhumer 4 with ice harvesting 5
  • just under 2mill sp in Gallente Carrier 5 so over 1/2 way
    +324,731 unallocated skill points
    Perfect little null sec starting toon perfect to make money.

I have no clue what this toon is worth but i will look around

So on that note Starting price is : 1B

B/O 16

I bid 7B

I’ll give you 8b

Bid retracted

8.5 bil.



10.5 bil


12 bil

I’ll buyout this character for the 16b. I can arrange payment later tonight after work or tomorrow if it gets too late.

send isk and info

Who do you want me to send the ISK to and communicate to for the transfer?

Chooser https://zkillboard.com/character/1531012325/ this toon im still at work so i can wait or i can do soon as im home up to you.


soon as i get home ill get things going then shoot you a mail.

TOON SOLD to Lexis_Rinyal

Sorry about that home now will prep and get ready for transfer


13 Oct 2018 15:10

enjoy thanks very uch if you have any problems just mail me on chooser and ill get right back to you

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