(SOLD) WTS 28mil Focused Apostle + Arazu Toon

Jump skills to V.
Can do buffer and active tank.
Has some SP in logi bots.
Toon currently in jita in a training pod.
Could easily train into archon/aeon too.
Can sit in arazu to cyno other caps around.
KB pretty empty, no Apostle kms on it so far.
Has some amount of items in asset safety cba to check what though, just a load of meta/t2 cap mods.

FAX will become the new meta once battleships become mainline over HACs again, FAX just isn’t my thing though and I want another dread toon :slight_smile:

Bidding starts at 23bil
Buyout 28bil


19b ready

no thanks


Boomp 12B

Are you still on sale? I offer 21b

22b offer

23b offer

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24b offer

24.5b offer

25b offer

Yes, still for sale :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the current offers by the way, they are already very decent offers considering this sale advert has only been up for a week. :slight_smile:

25.5b offer

26 bil offer

Bump :slight_smile:


27B offer

still selling?