SOLD-WTS 3.9 Mil SP Hulk Pilot

Location : Amarr (1.0)
Jump Clones: 0
Sec Status: 0.0
Skillpoints: 3,974,775
Currently in an NPC corp
pilot has no kill rights
Pilot has not been banned for macro
Pilot has no Killboard

Character is in the main trade hub station boarded inside a fitted hulk

Starting bid 3 bil
Buyout: 7 bill

bump bump

ill offer you 3 b
if you want to sell it fast

yeah i can do that

send money to Slayer198933 in game and i will start the transfer

Needs to be selling character

yeah thats cool sorry that will be perfectly acceptable

riley ill send the isk and acoutn info give me a few m am in fleet

ok awaiting contact

3b send mail with acount info

Starting transfer marking as sold

thank you for the fast sale will be a asset to my fleet

transfer initiated comfirmation on your end?

yes i recieved the mail and i made the acount omega

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