[SOLD] WTS 3 Exhumer (Hulk) Pilots (14m, 11m, 10m SP) (updated with min bid)

(Verrathien) #1

Coloris Miko - SOLD

Koluwa Cadelanne - RETRACTED

Coloris Yvormi - SOLD

All these characters have positive wallet and security status. Located in Jita 4-4, in a NPC corp.

No B/O decided. Selling to best buyer.

Not expecting to sell for skill extracting, only for people who want a good Exhumer pilot(s).

WTB exhumer & ice mining pilot
(Coloris Miko) #2

Confirming I’m for sale

(Koluwa Cadelanne) #3

Confirming I’m for sale

(Coloris Yvormi) #4

Confirming I’m for sale

(Admiral Algos) #5

Coloris Miko 8.5B

(Verrathien) #6

Thanks for the offer but not selling for that amount.

(Dameon MidNight) #7

how much for all?

(Verrathien) #8

@Dameon_MidNight 35b considering last sold value of Exhumer pilots in here.

(Verrathien) #9

To the top…

(Votineque) #10

Coloris Miko for 10.5 bil ?

(Verrathien) #11

Sorry, she worth more than that.

(Verrathien) #12

bump to top

(Votineque) #13

12.5 for Coloris?

(Verrathien) #15

If you can go for 13.5b, we can have a deal.

(Verrathien) #16

Sorry, not selling for extraction value.

(Verrathien) #17

Daily bump

(Lokri Kas) #18

7.5bil for Coloris Miko

(Verrathien) #19

Sorry. Not selling for that low.

(Odinessa) #20

You might want to put a min bid on these, so people can get an idea what you want. Since apparently everyone who has bid is too low for you.

(Lokri Kas) #21

Then what is your prefered price?

Cant do a serious bid if there is no indication.