[SOLD] WTS 3 Exhumer (Hulk) Pilots (14m, 11m, 10m SP) (updated with min bid)

Coloris Miko - SOLD

Koluwa Cadelanne - RETRACTED

Coloris Yvormi - SOLD

All these characters have positive wallet and security status. Located in Jita 4-4, in a NPC corp.

No B/O decided. Selling to best buyer.

Not expecting to sell for skill extracting, only for people who want a good Exhumer pilot(s).

Confirming I’m for sale

Confirming I’m for sale

Confirming I’m for sale

Coloris Miko 8.5B

Thanks for the offer but not selling for that amount.

how much for all?

@Dameon_MidNight 35b considering last sold value of Exhumer pilots in here.

To the top…

Coloris Miko for 10.5 bil ?

Sorry, she worth more than that.

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12.5 for Coloris?

If you can go for 13.5b, we can have a deal.

Sorry, not selling for extraction value.

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7.5bil for Coloris Miko

Sorry. Not selling for that low.

You might want to put a min bid on these, so people can get an idea what you want. Since apparently everyone who has bid is too low for you.

Then what is your prefered price?

Cant do a serious bid if there is no indication.