* SOLD* [WTS] 5 x Hulk toons

Wts 5 x Exhumers pilots, all have just over 30m SP. Starting price 22b per toon (price of extractable SP)

Key skills:

  1. All fitting skills V
  2. All navigation skills V (except jumping skills)
  3. All drones support skills V
  4. Mining Frigate + Expedition Frigate + Exhumer V
  5. Gas Cloud Harvesting V + + Ice Harvesting V + All T2 Crystal
  6. Biology + Cybernetics V

All characters are in Jita 4-4, have 2 x +5 implants and Inherent Implants ‘Yeti’ Ice Harvesting IH-1005
All characters have positive wallets and are in an NPC corporation

  1. Quantum Anomaly
  2. Quantum Anomaly
  3. Quantum Anomaly
  4. Quantum Anomaly
  5. Quantum Anomaly

Confirming i’m for sale

Confirming I’m for sale

Confirming I’m for sale

Confirming I’m for sale

Confirming I’m for sale

Can do 20 B each for all 5 pilots

Hi, I apologize, but the transfer value is equivalent of 2 b.
So I’m forced to raise the minimum price

I will offer 22bil to buy the Stelten Thorest

107 B for all toons?
Can take them all simultaneously without having to wait.
Just mail me if you want to talk.

I’ll wait another 24 hours. If there are no new offers, I’ll write you a mail and we’ll discuss the details of the character transfer, ok?


I’ll be glad to do it now. ISK and accounts are ready but can wait.
Let me know when you send a mail. Thanks.

Sent you an in-game message


Characters sold

I must to solve some problem with transaction. Ty CCP, you are working well! (no)

Finally got all five of the characters.
Thank you bud.