[SOLD] WTS 8x 5m SP Exhumer V alts

Hi all,

I have 8 hulk alts that i want to get rid of. All have ~5mil SP, all focussed on max yield. Will need some training for a ice/gas.

Arvoh Pserad
Orvah Pserad
Arvox Pserad
Arvax Pserad
Orvix Pserad
Orvad Pserad
Orvoh Pserad
Arvah Pserad
~ Due to link limit, the alts will have their SkillQ posted below ~

Willing to let this run for a week from today or until I get an offer I can’t refuse :slight_smile:

Im for sale Orvah Pserad

I’m for sale Arvox Pserad

I’m for sale Arvax Pserad

I’m for sale Orvix Pserad

I’m for sale Orvad Pserad

I’m for sale Orvoh Pserad

I’m for sale Arvah Pserad

Missing disclosures for each character, plus you need to create share links for each character

Maybe you should refresh the page/ wait for more that a minute before repremanding someone… loggin into to 8 accounts does take some time after all

My bad, didn’t know that site worked like that :frowning:

Wasnt trying to be rude, but in skillQ you have to go in setting to create share links

Thanks for the help. All links should be fixed now

I hope to buy all alts for 36B offer

I’ll take that offer. Please send me the isk and which accounts you want the characters transferred to.

Isk received, will start transfers as soon as account info is received

isk and acc info sent

Received. Transfer for this char has been started

Transfer started