🚨 [SOLD] WTS 32.3m SP Vargur & Paladin Pilot

Skillboard here

All rules apply
Sec status >5
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
in NPC corp
Located in Jita
2 Remaps

A solid marauder pilot for c5/c6 krabbing. Can pilot paladin or vargur.

Starting bid at 25b

28B what is the buyout price?

looking forward to your reply

Fine char, 29b

30B em

Buyout of 35b
If that price isn’t reached, I’ll be accepting the highest bidder.

32b only for 24hrs.

33B Bid

EDIT: offer beaten

34 B isk

Sure, send the isk and account name via evemail to me and I’ll initiate transfer.

isk account sent

Received, initiating transfer shortly and will post an update once its confirmed.

edit: Transfer intiiated. Thank you.

ple let me know when the transfer starts

Transfer is started, please check your email for confirmation.

I didn’t receive any messages in my mailbox to confirm.

To make sure someone else didn’t send me the isk and a different account name:
Is your account the like **001 ?
I can send you a message through the forums if you’d like, and can show you a screenshot showing that the transfer is active.

I can no longer log in to send an evemail since the transfer has started, so I’m unable to read any mails you may have sent.

Yes, my account is **001, and the transfer point is Kunstner en Chasteaux. If it is convenient, please attach a screenshot.

image here

thk, happy shopping