[SOLD] WTS 32 mil sp Rorq toon


Starting bid 29 bil


b/o would be 32 if you want.

please message Spector121 ingame to initiate the buy out… thank you

Hey, please reply here with your buyout amount so i can confirm sale

31 B/o thank you

I accept your offer of 31 bil. Waiting for isk and i will initiate transfer. Please send account info by mail in game. Thanks!

Isk and account name received via in game mail. Ticket to CCP will be created shortly. Thank you

please post when it has been initated

trf was initiated 3 hrs ago. Sorry for the delay

I have not received email are you assure you are correct with account name?

Could be a scam. He didnt post any info from the rules page either.

I think he used plex to transfer. hence a ticket to ccp. either way it will be resolved

PLEX was used for the transfer… not sure how you can scam bud. Moderators literally look at these threads closely. The only person i’d be fooling is myself. Please be patient while the transfer completes. It’s still pending.

Spector, if you wish, you can write to CCP to confirm all of this. As of this moment the ticket for the char trf is 12 hrs old.

I have sent you an in-game mail with a snapshot of the ticket. I will log back in regularly to see if you have any questions. Thanks,

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