(Sold) WTS 38M SP Macha Pilot

Hey Guys.
I want to sell this Character: Hirlai

Located in Amarr
Remap available
0,00 ISK in Wallet
No Killrights
5,01 Security Status

Auction End: 23.05.2021

15B for the beginning
30B buyout (UPDATED)

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15b offer

Quote 19B

20.1 bill

I can offer 20B


Quote 22B


22.5B buy out today

Quote 24B


25 B isk are rdy

@Hirlai 26B I think this is a reasonable price. I hope to finish the deal today.

offer 27 B


28 B :stuck_out_tongue:

28.5Bㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ

Hello there!
I will end this Auktion in one hour

Auction is Closed. No more bids accepted.
Winner is Xiaobaicai with 28.5B.

I am Ready to get payed and transfer the Character.

I will use lita233 to pay for this person, ok?