[SOLD] WTS 39M Industry/Miner/Research Character

Skills: Character Sheet

  • 39M SP
  • Sec Status 0.0
  • High Sec
  • Jump clone in High Sec
  • Positive Wallet
  • No kill rights against character
  • Make sure to check standings because I have -4.17 with Gallente Federation and -2.67 with Minmatar


  • Industry Skills
  • Freighter Skills
  • 5 research agents
  • High standings for Mission Running - Caldari/Amarr

Starting Bid: 35B
Buyout: Accepting Offers


33 billion


Still hoping for at least 35B

34.5B :slight_smile:

I will do 35b B/O

35.5b :slight_smile:

all yours

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Let me know when you’re ready to proceed.

Will In’Ganable, I am ready to make the sale. Let me know what account to transfer to when you send the isk.

ISK sent, check in-game mail for account name. Thank you!

Isk received and transfer initiated.

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