WTS 39M SP (T2 Cruisers/Explorer)

I am for sale yes. Character Sheet
Buyout at 35b

Wallet balance - Currently sitting at 0 isk
Kill rights - No kill rights on the character
Jump clones - No jump clones currently
Character location - Currently in Jita 4-4
2 Remaps available!

I’ll finish the bid on 1st September 00:00 UTC

Bump, open to offers.


Bid ending in 7 hour 45 mins!





23 bill

Hey looks like you won the bid, sorry @Gina_Tonic you were a tad bit late.

Mail me the account name and transfer the isk to this account.

ISK and Account Info will be to you in a few minutes.

Acknowledged on the mail and isk, preparing to send the account in a few.

Character transfer has initiated.

Thank you!