(SOLD) WTS 45m SP toon. Mining/processing. Drone/missiles

(swimjade) #1

45 mil sp toon

positive security status

positive wallet

Current clone located in hi-sec
1 jump clone in hi-sec
1 jump clone in null

pass is 7410

remap available

no kill rights

+4 implants
Beancounter reprocessing RX-804

Looking to get 35bil obo
Best offer so far 31.5bil

Thank you for looking

(clearnow) #2


(swimjade) #3

Post updated to reflect best offer of 30bil

(The Judge) #4


(I Am aJita) #5


(The Judge) #6


(swimjade) #7

31.5 Bil is highest Bid. Will sell to the highest bidder in 24 hours.

(Madam Bazaar) #8


(swimjade) #9

Bid offer of 32bil accepted. Send name of the account and isk in the next 24 hours and I will begin the transfer and post back here when the process has started. Thank you all for the interest in my character.

(Madam Bazaar) #10

ISK and account name sent. Thanks

(swimjade) #11

Transfer in progress.
Will be completed after: 7/11/2017 8:52:06 PM
Thank you!