SOLD WTS 5.3m near freighter with mid slaves

Hi, for time problems i need to sell this character, is 12 hours to any freighter.

Have two clones, one mid grade slaves, other mid grade askplepians

  • good killboard
  • positive wallet
  • implants +5 in use
  • ca nbe used as skill farm
  • no kill rights
  • is in high sec
  • 12 hours to any freighter ( charon / obelisk / fenrir / providence )

Because the clones and the near full injector, i am selling in 3.3b buyout, no less

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading the evemail.

i am for sale. Please answer thread

3.3b b/o isk ready

Send the isk to B0rn 2Pod

and i transfer asap. Look as problems in the login servers…

I’m getting the error too. Once that I cleared up I’ll send it

ok answer when done =) i am with the thread open

already connected but afk

Sent isk and account name

Transfer done to the seccond account, first was wrong


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