SOLD WTS Trader 5.6m SP, check inside

Disclaimer : two chars selling in this account, if the other sell first, can delay 10 hours to send.

Hi i need free two slots in tjhis account, then selling this character.

Accounting V
Advanced Broker Relations IV (two days to be 5)
Broker relations V
Trade V
Many IV in trade skills
cyber V with +5 implants
You can extract one injector but i prefer give with capable drones.

Is in high sec, positive wallet, no killing rights. All ccp rules.

If interested answer the thread, dont ansewer eve mail.

3B please

need 3.4b, you can extract him an injector and already have two implants.


Sold to free panda, send the isk and account name and i deliver.

Is it me?

yes free panda, sold to you.

ISK sent

isk and account received. Waiting to lnow ifd you bought taninof isu, which of two deliver first.

CHaracter transferred one moment ago. Please answer when you receive ths character or the eve mail.

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