[SOLD] WTS 5,3m SP Gank / FW Char

I’m offering this char:


  • Drones V
  • Weapon Upgrades V
  • Gallente Destroyer and Battlecruiser IV
  • Small Projectile and Hybrid Turret V

Some information:

  • This char has ~5m ISK in his wallet.
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • No 0.0 Jumpclones
  • No active killrights
  • +4 implants

This sale will be up for about 24h or if a bid with a certain amount of ISK I agree with is reached.

il do 4.5

make it 5 and we got a deal :slight_smile:

4.6 bill

5bn buyout if done quickly


That’s bad luck, was out grilling. Maybe next time

@PostWithYourMain offer still valid?

@Dave_Schmitz yes

Offer accepted. Please send 4.6b to Fujitsu Endashi and tell me via ingame mail who to transfer him to.

Isk and Mail sent

ISK and mail received, transfer triggered. Have fun!

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