[SOLD]WTS 5.4m Starter Char/SP farm + precursor skills injected


Positive wallet
No killrights
Located in high sec
2 remaps available
In npc corp (skillboard api slow to update, you can confirm in game)

All CCP rules apply


145,000sp unallocated

Active Clone Implants
Memory Augmentation - Standard
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard

Eg cpu V, pg V, cap systems V, energy grid upgrades V, weapons upgrades V etc

PLUS spec books injected for t2 trig guns and ammo
Small Disintegrator Specialization injected
Medium Disintegrator Specialization Injected

  • some trig ship books.

Open to offers starting at 3.5b

BO 7b

3.5b on hand. i can transfer in next twnet yminutes, or in three hours, need go to Supermarket.

Thanks for the offer.

Noted but I’d like to see what others have to offer first.

If i don’t get any more offers in the next 6 or so hours (when i wake) then the sale will go to you.

Ok, i go outside abnd be checking the thread.

Character needs to be in npc Corp per the rules.

4b bid if that is fixed


The char has been in npc corp from start of sale. Skillboard just has a slow api.

AFAIK look as in Imperial Shipment now in game.

Yes, looks like its just slow EveSkillboard.

4b bid stands then.

Copy, thank you.

If i get no other offers in the next hour or so the sale is sale will be yours.

Thanks, let me know if its mine, Ill be back in an hour or so

Sorry for the delay,

Work called me in today to cover someone. I’ll be home in 2 hours.

If this is ok with you and i get no higher offers I’ll be ready to transfer.

No problem, just waiting on you to accept the deal and I’ll transfer the isk next time I’m online.

I am home now,

Feel free to send the isk as well as the account you’d like to have me transfered to. (Via eve mail in game.)

Still awaiting payment, so still open to offers till isk is sent.

i can offer 3.5 now.

4 and it is yours.

A char with only 5 mil sp and no implants or books sold for 4 bil a few days ago.

I think this is a bargain.

OK. Give me ten minutes, i need sell some plex to complete.

Ok. Awaiting isk transfer + eve mail in game with requested destination account.

3.5b sent one moment ago, i sent the other 500m in ive minutes, omw Jita to sell plex (i am in amarr, is quick)

Isk returned. Please send it in one go, so there is no conflict with ccp rules.