SOLD [WTS] 5.6 mil SP stealth bomber pilot

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights
No Kill Right

3. Jump clones

4. Character location.

**5. Security Status. **
-0.5 from old pirating days. not enough to flash orange or get warnings

she is in a starter corp despite what the sheet says. has been for around a day.
Can be remapped and 2 bonus remaps.
Start day is 5/28/2012.
used as just a ok bomber a long time ago and thrown to the side after a while.

I like Minmatar Chars =) based in the other threads, i can offer you 4b for her.

that sounds fine! go a head and send it to her and a mail for the account to send her too!

isksent, let me check what cccount and i sent a message asap

yep money received.

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Account name sent and another asking in what system are u for planning give her a ship in advance. thanks.

transfer started and she is in a corvette. i hope you have fun with her!

Pilot Received

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