SOLD WTS Female Stealth Bomber 5.7m b/o = 4b

Total Skillpoints: 5,690,354
Unallocated Skillpoints: 20,500
Total Skillpoints: 5,710,854

Hi i need free space and selling her, can use purifier and hound, too can use covert ops. Torpedos T2

Is in high sec, positive walet, no killing rights, no jump clones, i pay the transfer. If interested answer here.

today bump

oops sorry


Today Bump

B/o is 4b

Still selling?

Yes and can transfer quickly

4B B/O. Ready today if you are.


I offer 4.1B

Cloud Gaming acceot, send the isk and i transfer. The other buyer is idele. If u send the iski sell to you

I just sent 4.1B ISK

isk received from maverick wainting account

account received but is incorrect, cant transfer. I need the name of the account as appear in your launcher “Target user not found or not active.”

edted. Maverick senmd already the wrong account but now was correct and transfer is done. CLoud please dont sent isk

Sorry I sent you a typo in game. Should be good now.

Transfer done. I hope cloud gaming dont sent isk but if he do you need return to him. I cant enter now to the cracater,

Good luck.

Character was received.

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