[SOLD] WTS 5.7M Dedicated covert ops Bomber/missile toon

I want to sell myself, a focused character in flying the purifier, I have most of my sp in missile/torp skills as well as covert ops. (can also use bombs)

I can also fly the Worm and Gila.

CPU and PG V for easy fitting.

3 remaps (2 bonus, 1 timed)

50k unallocated sp

All CCP rules apply, eg located in high sec, no kill rights etc.


Starting bid 3b, BO - 6b

3bil offer

Noted, thanks!

Going to let his run a day or two more.

If i don’t get any higher offers I’ll probably extract and remain as an sp farmer.

3.6b bid

If you don’t get outbid in the next few hours or so you win.

You win!

Please send your iskies and details via eve mail :slight_smile:


Transfer initiated cheers!

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