WTS 5.1m SP Starter Missile PVP toon + cov ops!


Ignore corp/alliance, eve api hasn’t updated yet. You can confirm my npc corp status in game.

I want to sell myself.

Located in HS, 2 remaps free, good missile, shield and fitting skills.

no killrights and positive wallet.

Make your bids today!

B/O 3.75b

2b offer

2.5b offer

2.75 counter

Thanks for your offers guys, I’m looking for a little bit more.

B/O added @ 4b

Still open to bids!

To the top!

BO lowered!

4b on the table

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Please send the funds + in game mail of where to transfer to

Awesome thanks! Will send today

Offer retracted.

Is this character in good standings with all former corps joined? There is an 8mil SP toon with a 4B b/o offer. I can offer 3.5 Billiion right now

Standing is fine with previous corps. I’m liquidating my covert ops alt.

Bid noted. If you can do 3.75b I’ll sell to you and start the transfer after work later today.

Consider it done… sending ISK now. I’ll send an in game mail as well for instructions

3.75B sent. In game mail sent with account info to be sent to.

transfer started!

Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks again! I’ll keep you posted when it finishes.

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